Sheridan Boutique Resort EntranceIndulge into hearty eating on a Zen-inspired ambiance of the Ayanna GardenRestaurant. Named after an Ethiopian word meaning beautiful flower, the bistro is nestled at the heart of Wilfredo’s Event Place overlooking the infinity pool and lagoon. Fanned by fresh air, experience a perfect al fresco dining in respite with a menu tailored with Ilonggo’s best dishes tweaked with herbs, marinades, and spices. Relish your taste buds with Ayanna’s specialty, the Organic Chicken Coccido, a deconstruction of the original recipe giving birth to a lovely dish presentation with the broth contained on a separate pot and poured right on the table. Side dishes include Spanish chorizo, fried banana with the tomato sauce, salted egg and grilled eggplant salsa.

FoodTease your palate with Baked Talaba, a popular seafood delicacy of the Ilonggos. This plate of luscious oysters is baked and flavored in two ways – with garlic and Parmesan cheese plus tomato and mozzarella. Another mouth-watering native dish is the Salmon Adobo enhanced with a gourmet twist. It is seasoned with adobado, coconut crème, aligue and topped with mango relish. Complete your gastronomic journey with our delectable desserts. Have a taste of our Ube Haleya Cheesecake. The purple jam of the ube haleya contrasts the dark chocolate cookie crust of the cheesecake making it a must-try gastronomic exploration. Also savor our own version of Maja martini, a creamy concoction of coconut crème mixed with corn kernels it is topped with latik. At night, the dimmed lights blossoms the diner into a romantic retreat perfect for intimate dining and happy hour cocktail drinking.